Sometimes the statements made in the name of feminism just hurt everyone.

I kid you not; this is the type of idiocy that needs to stop.

She may make some good points in the first half of the letter as she points out things the campus needs to improve upon. But all these points get tarnished by the crazy rant at the end.  Making statements on things that could happen because of a new logo just seems mentally unstable. Note, this COULD, happen, but has NOT happened yet.  It is like blaming a person being shot on video games, or blaming spoons for getting fat. So then, the “popular” movement says, to take away every ones spoons because one ignorant person blamed spoons for them getting fat. However, in the past, the person with the problem would take it upon themselves to grow, and learn alternate methods of coping, instead of blaming the object that they perceive as the problem.  It is the person, who is solely responsible for their own actions, including their responses to whatever things trigger them.  It is NOT the responsibility of society to coddle the weak, and make everything soft and cushiony.  It is the individual’s responsibility to grow and overcome their obstacles, fears, and triggers.


I’m sorry Ice cream,  the spoon MADE ME EAT YOU!!!


Suggesting the Logo would cause more rapes or aggression is ridiculous, ludicrous, and downright insulting to those of us with the skills to be mentally stable.

Cartoon logos have no effect on the actions of someone predisposed to being mentally unstable. If she wants to lessen the risks of rape, why not start a self-defense class? Let those on campus KNOW that women are being trained in self-defense.


GASP: May I suggest a Conceal Carry on Campus push? Some more campus security? Some alternate methods of coping with your own fears?

I do believe that any college student is far less likely to get raped if there is a real threat that she is going to pull some cold steel and take out her attacker.

I suppose I am more annoyed in the way so many of this generations “protesters” choose to protest. Instead of coming up with a solution they post some general rant and attack something unrelated. In this case attacking the logo instead of writing a more pointed letter of suggestion out lining a zero tolerance policy or taking it up with the student political body and administration in a way that might actually change something rather then just throwing it into the wind and punishing everyone by randomly lashing out at a two toned graphic of a husky that looks like a real husky.