The Grand Order of the Red-Feather is a group of people who believe in Free Speech and civil open discourse.

The Grand Order of the Red-Feather was created to support and encourage the people who make positive enhancements to our Community.

The Goals of this site are:

  • To showcase Positive Influences in our Community.
  • Encourage  EVERYONE,  including women, youth, and minorities that want to break into the industry.
  • Provide opportunities for mentorship, support and education.


Red-Feather will attempt to only post intelligent commentary. Note this is not solely about women in technology.

  • It is our belief that Individuals should be rewarded for their merit.
  • It is our belief that everyone deserves honest answers, and consideration when they ask for help.
  • It is our belief that it shouldn’t matter who a person is, just that their arguments are evaluated rationally.
  • It is our belief that people should be empowered to learn and share their ideas. Part of sharing is the ability to take criticism gracefully. We would prefer to add substance and education, not solely on an emotional platform, but learning by having honest communication.
  • It is our belief that you can disagree with a person’s ideas, but still be civil and friendly to that person

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