Need women in tech willing to mentor .

In this case it may be as simple as reaching out to someone to encourage them . Or you can help out by doing a article or blog on either how you got into tech , or the area of tech you are most interested in . Can be focused towards encouraging girls and young women , or be totally gender neutral.

We need strong role models to tell their stories.
I want to point out more of the positive stuff in the community.

I am collecting positive influence stories right now for the red-feather  blog .

We have plenty of stories from people bitching about the current state of cry baby unrest, that has gotten to a sad point of being far more detrimental to the original goal of bringing more women and people usually seen as outsiders into infosec.

I have far too many references and examples of stupid things done in the name of ” equality”.

But what I do not have enough of are examples of things that went right !!! So right now I am looking for more lead by example posts to help !! Please help me balance out the negativity ! Because I think right now , we can do more Good with positive stories since we as a country are so over-saturated with negative crap.

Stories I’m looking for are , personal experiences, ways you or someone you know have helped lift someone in the community up, this sight is slanted towards stories that involve women but any minority group having a good experiences is appreciated or honestly even just singling out someone who did right. I do not want to ignore our brothers who are role models either!!

So if you as a women have been mentored by someone tell us, I firmly believe that equality it best exemplified by showing it in action.