Things that went Right at cons.

Derbycon… Derbycon is usually awesome.

this is really just a placeholder.

But Derbycon is really awesome.

In  all seriousness I want everyone to leave comments about GOOD instances they have experienced at Cons.

Where people stepped up and helped you. I personally have several and can call out people that have been awesome to me .

But I want YOUR good stories.

Because we get too many people focusing on the negative, I want the happy stories  too!

Even the simple ones . The little stuff can be  incredibly important.


The Real Women of Tech.

These people don’t endorse us. We like them and believe that examples of awesomeness need to be highlighted for their merit . Because they have given Back to society.

  • Women who lead by example
  • Don’t base their persona solely  on the fact that they  have lady bits
  • Chooses to avoid “identity politics”.


Haks4Pancakes : Leslie

Accomplishments. : Speaker, Blogger, Awesome


Georgia Weidman   

Accomplishments. : Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur   


Tottenkoph:   Megan

Accomplishments. : Speaker ,  hacker, hiker,  security consultant for Rapid7’s Global Services team and working on a Master’s in Organizational Psych. Pretty nifty papers so far too. BTW.


more to be added .