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Greg Lukianoff: Feds to Students: You Can’t Say That

The Justice and Education departments issue a dangerous new speech code for colleges.

So in a nutshell,  the Fed has now taken away any definition of sexual harassment except for the broadest definition that sadly  is

 “unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature”—will now satisfy federal statutory requirements. This explicitly includes “verbal conduct,” otherwise known as speech.

in doing so they have also put a strange hold on the right to have a conversation, ANY conversation where a person feels Offended.

“The letter rejects the requirement, established by legal precedent and previous Education Department guidance, that sexual harassment must be “objectively offensive.” By eliminating this “reasonable person” standard—which the Education Department has required since at least 2003, and which protects the accused against unreasonable or insincere allegations—the right not to be offended has been enshrined in a federal mandate.”.

Actions and mandates like this do not eliminate  harassment , They embrace and encourage harassment of a whole new type. By using the laws as a tool to Bully we do nothing more then create a weak sissified society . Everyone needs to put on there big girl panties,  grow a spine and stop acting entitled to preferential treatment.